David Bradley, currently joint-lead cast in the hit TV series The Strain will be joining us on Saturday 3rd June 2017.

The Strain has gone from strength to strength in terms of the fan following and it’s adaption from Guillermo Del Toro’s novel to both comics and the TV show. David Bradley stars as Abraham Setrakian, a pivotal character within the show whose mysterious past is both extraordinary and supernatural. 

Professor Abraham Setrakian is a holocaust survivor leading a quiet life running his own pawn shop in New York city. His now somewhat normal life is stirred when he hears of a "dead" aeroplane that has landed at his local airport. From the evidence given on the matter, he's deduced this is the work of an ancient and powerful being known as the Master - someone who he has encountered previously. The doctors working on the case need help, preferably from someone who knows exactly what is happening and how to fix the problem. It just so happens that Abraham is on hand, once they've gotten him out of jail after they'd referred to him as a nutcase and gotten him arrested for disturbing the peace. The TV Show has now had 3 full seasons, and has been renewed for a fourth and final season which will air in Summer 2017.



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