Our Gaming Zone at Collectormania will be carefully curated by Replay Events to bring you the greatest classic of retro gaming as well as what current gaming has to offer including VR

Retro Gaming

New games and consoles appear on the market all the time, but will they stand up to the test of time like so many before them? Retro gaming is always one of the most popular areas of our Gaming Zone with all ages, and London Film and Comic Con will be the place for you to relive some of your much loved gaming experiences.

If you grew up arguing with your friends who was going to be Ryu or Yoshimitsu, you will love the range of fighting games we will have on offer. Challenge your friends to the ultimate rematch, or show the younger generation your skills on your favourite consoles from the past.

While playing Virtua Fighter 2 on the Sega Saturn at Film and Comic Con Manchester, one of our visitors told us “The older consoles and games still really stand up against the newer ones, plus there's a level of nostalgia”

Our rhythm games section is great for families and groups of friends to enjoy gaming together with a less competitive edge. Whether you choose to beat out the rhythm on the bongos with Donkey Konga on the GameCube or keep up with the music with Rock Band on Xbox 360, you're sure to have retro musical party time.

Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario and Alex Kidd will also be attending alongside other favourite characters from some of the golden years of platform gaming. How fast can your speed Sonic through Emerald Hill Zone and can you still remember which of the pipes take Mario to the bonus levels?

Our Gaming Zone will be the perfect place to relive your memories and get your hands on some of the classic games that you might have missed



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